Mailing lists and forums of discussion

list name post address aim
COMBINE news @combine_coord General announcement about COMBINE and its activities
COMBINE discuss combine-discuss @ Main discussion forum of the COMBINE community, Feel free to use it to any aspect of the project, meetings, technology etc.
COMBINE archive combine-archive @ Forum to discuss the OMEX format, the structure of the COMBINE archive, implementation issues, and all related questions. For more information about the COMBINE archive, please see the OMEX page.
COMBINE annotation combine-annot @ Forum and working group for policies and technologies for improved annotation of biosimulation models.
COMBINE multicell combine-multicell @ Forum and working group for the specification, implementation and further developments of a standard format for multi-cellular, agent-based models.
COMBINE metadata combine-meta @ Forum to discuss the structure and content of metadata to use together with COMBINE formats.
COMBINE site support combine-support @ Use this address to report problems with the website.
COMBINE coordinators combine-coord @ Use this address to contact COMBINE coordinators.